The 5S Organization

The 5S Organisation is another methodology with its origin in Japan. The 5S help to develop and organize places of work in a very safe and clean way so that the worker has a good total overview about his work in daily life.

In Japanese culture it is a tradition that cleaness and good organization are the basic instruments for working in a efficient way without wasting any time and value during the production process.

The 5 S:

  • Seiri: throw away what the worker doesn´t need to do his job
  • Seiton: those things which are need, should be placed in a specific order on a marked point on the wall or at the working desk
  • Seiso: the working place should always be clean and organized
  • Seiketsu: no things should be added to the working place, that are not currently needed. So no unnecessary tools will lay around
  • Shitsuke: the worker should work with discipline to meet all requirements. Therefore he has to understand the benefit of the 5S method!

The principles of 5S:

The benfits of the 5S Method:

There are many benefits from the 5S method. The main idea is to make the worker free from everything which disturbs him from doing his job. As a result the ways between working stations will be shorten and time between production process will be reduced. But there are many other benefits from the 5S method. Here is just a collection of some:

  • less time and value will be wasted -> more output more profit
  • the quality will be enriched by more discipline -> less rework leads to higher profit
  • less tools will be lost or destroyed -> lower costs for rebuying machinery and tools
  • if everybody meets the 5S reqiurements the working environment will be better!


Hiroyuki Hirano – 5S for operators, 1996

Debashis Sarkar – 5S for service organizations and offices, 2006

Scotchmer – 5S in 90 minutes, 2008


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