Kaizen is a Japenese kind of continous living and working philosophy. The methodology was collected and developed by Masaaki Imai in its book “The Key to Japane´s Competitive Success”.

The aim of Kaizen is always continous improvement in every step of the companies value chain. This concept was not only done to better the companies output with helping the company to become more sophisticated and work more efficient, but is nowaday also regarded as a common management tool all over the world. Even for very big companies like the Robert Bosch GmbH and every Original car Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) it is a unmissable tool to have sustainable success.

Examples for Kaizen could be:

  • work with colours to ease something
  • give famous names to abstract parts to ease their differentation
  • implement a green environment into the company so the workers feel good
  • rearanging manufacturing equipment to ease the production process for the worker
  • …..

The opposite between Kaizen and Innovation:

Having a well sophisticated innovation management via research and development is necessary for every company. But innovations are always a big step for a company which also means that the company could struggle with applying the new innovation. Changes are always affected with problems.

Kaizen is a technology that doesn´t substitute the research and development for innovation but with its little every day improvements it helps the company to deal better with the upcoming problems!!

Easy little chain but with a great result for the worker -> more convinience, better output:


Masaaki Imai – The Key to Japans Competitive Success 1986


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