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The 5S Organization

May 27, 2010

The 5S Organisation is another methodology with its origin in Japan. The 5S help to develop and organize places of work in a very safe and clean way so that the worker has a good total overview about his work in daily life.

In Japanese culture it is a tradition that cleaness and good organization are the basic instruments for working in a efficient way without wasting any time and value during the production process. (more…)



May 23, 2010

Kaizen is a Japenese kind of continous living and working philosophy. The methodology was collected and developed by Masaaki Imai in its book “The Key to JapaneĀ“s Competitive Success”.

The aim of Kaizen is always continous improvement in every step of the companies value chain. This concept was not only done to better the companies output with helping the company to become more sophisticated and work more efficient, but is nowaday also regarded as a common management tool all over the world. Even for very big companies like the Robert Bosch GmbH and every Original car Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) it is a unmissable tool to have sustainable success.


The Value Chain according to Porter

May 18, 2010

The value chain is an important construct for understanding the distribution of returns arising from design, production, marketing, coordination and recycling. Essentially, the primary retunrs accure to thoseĀ  parties who are able to protect themselves from competition. This ability to insulate activities can be capsulated by the concept of rent, which arises from the possession of scarce attributes and involves barriers to entry (Kaplinsky and Morris, 2000)