Fleet Management

As you can read in one of my recent Blog postings, Globalization is increasing steadily. International acting companies have the possibility to export their goods in almost the tiniest little place in the world.

To meet this demand it is necessary to use different ways of transportation:

• delivery via lorry or truck
• delivery via transporter or car
• delivery via train
• delivery via airplane
• delivery via ships

The more ways of transportation you use and the more far away the distance gets, the harder it is to control and manage every single part of the transportation chain.

There are different problems, that could occur while transporting:

• truck, ship, train and airplane have to act just in time
• parts of the transportation chain has to meet a fixed date
• governmental restricted time to drive
• extraordinary service & repair stops
• …

The solution is Fleet Management

Definition: Fleet Management compromises the target-oriented, optimal planning, supervision and control of the fleet operations based on the available resources, considering internal and external influencing factors. A special focus is on the integration of organizational processes with modern information systems.

With a GPS – Tracking System every part of the transportation chain is connected with each other and the headquarter. So the company can control the fleet and communicate with it at any time. Using a software with digital parameters the routes can be adjusted individually on demand. Even if there are unexpected problems like a traffic jam or a canceled cargo flight there could be used forecasting to react immediately on the problem.

Another big bonus is the transparency of costs. The Fleet Management is able to control the driven mileages and the used fuel. With this precise information it is possible to optimize the routes not only for the shortest time, but also for the lowest costs as possible.

Fields of application:

  • Obect tracking
  • Health and saftey tracking
  • fuel and speed management
  • sales order tramsission
  • routeplanning
  • driver management
  • vehicle diagnostics

The Fleet Management can be operated by the company on its ow or outsourced to a specific fleet management expert. With the specialists know-how it can even be more efficient to use fleet management.


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