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Incoterms – International trade Standards

April 30, 2010

Incoterms are trade standards defined by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
What are incomterms?

  • Define key elements of international contracts of sale
  • refelct the parties agreement to divide costs and risks betwenn parties
  • published by the International Chamber of Commers since 1936
  • abbreviation of International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) (more…)

Fleet Management

April 7, 2010

As you can read in one of my recent Blog postings, Globalization is increasing steadily. International acting companies have the possibility to export their goods in almost the tiniest little place in the world.

To meet this demand it is necessary to use different ways of transportation:

• delivery via lorry or truck
• delivery via transporter or car (more…)

SMED – Single Minute Exchange of Die

April 7, 2010

Hi Logistic Fans!

I´m sorry for not applying new information about Logistics to my Blog in the recent week. But I was out for semana santa. But now I am back looking forward to collaborate new Logistics Material!

The topic today is about a way to save time at the manufacturing part of the value chain in a company. A lot of time at a company´s production line is spend on the change of dies between two production lots. While dies have to be changed there are no goods produced, which means there is no output for the company! No output means no created value and as a result no profit. (more…)