How did trade change over the years?

Besides the fact the number of trade has been steadily growing, the form of trade did change over the past years. There are 4 supplements, how trade changed:

Products: In earlier day´s product design was less important than nowadays. In the foreground was functionality and long life functionality. Today products are not only design for good looking and to attract attention, but also to make transporting and trading more easily. For example instead of cylindric bottles, there are more and more rectangular ones. At least it makes them easier to handle and it uses less space, because of tighter packaging on a pallet.

Markets: The markets changed from local trading to international product and service exchange. Especially the emerging economies like the BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, China) had a huge economical boost in the present years. They did not only export more goods than ever, they importet many goods because of their rising income. Finally there´s a word discribing the fact many local goods are now sold all over the world: Cocacolization

Infrastructure: bigger, faster, better – these are the catchwords, which made an enormous change to trade and transportation. Not only bigger and faster load carriers led to another level of trading, but also better sophisticated streets, railway systems and container handling facilities. This aspects caused saver, faster and at least easier trading and transporting.

Operation Mangament Techniques: In the past the main aim of transport and trade was, to bring loads from A to B in a secure way without any damages to the products. Today this is normally taken for granted. Much more important is to place the traded goods in the right time and in the right amount to the customer. To cope with this challenge, there are many mathematical analysing techniques. With those techniques it is possible to determine the best routes and the best amount of goods.


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